Optimized Solution

Optimized IP is a premium service for enterprise. It is designed to transport mission-critical applications like voice, video and data over the internet.

QoS Driven Network

EDS runs an end to end QoS driven network to prioritize traffic of real-time business-critical applications like Voice and Video that demand low latency and delay. This results in a High Quality, Jitter free Security Surveillance, Internet Telephony or modernechild and Video Conferencing experience with superior connectivity for other real-time applications.

Bandwidth at its Best

  • No bandwidth sharing
  • No fair usage policy
  • Unlimited usage

EDS is a true enterprise-grade service with no limitations. There is no network over-subscription, sharing of bandwidth (1:1 only) or bandwidth restrictions through fair usage policies.

Services with Transparency

EDS is an extremely reliable Internet service, backed by SLA’s guaranteeing 99.5% uptime ensuring smooth running and continuity for your mission critical applications all the time. Just right for your future aspirations and expectations. EDS service can now be easily accessed with financing from green-touch.

Technical Specifications for BDS

  • Bandwidth Capacity: 1 mbps or more (1:1)
  • Last mile Interface: Ethernet over Managed Loop or L3 level Wireless
  • Uptime, Latency, Packet drop

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