Now-a-days, Router becomes the heart of our Home Network. It is not to be crucial to Setup a wireless router. The major of router manufacturer offers new smartphone and tablets which you can use for the first time installation. New introduced routers are come up with the clearly labeled ports and sometimes color coded ports make it easier for users to connect. Most Routers are presets with the Basic configurations at the factory.
Wireless router

A networking manufacturers are aiming to make things simpler with mesh-based Wi-Fi systems like aero & Google Wi-Fi. To configure your Wireless router properly and for optimize wireless network & connectivity below given the basic steps to follow:

Select Best Router

Spend your worthy time for researching best option before deciding any one.
Upgrade to new hardware is depending on your current Router. If your router supporting WEP for security, it means it is more than a few years old and need to be change right away.

Where to locate your Router for getting high Speed?

The best place to locate your router is in an open area in center of your home such as Living Room. It is advisable because it provide more coverage. If you can’t put it in center then try to avoid placing it to closet. It will crimps its range. You can use a longer CAT5e or CAT6 cable to connect to router to the Gateway’s Ethernet port without moving Gateway.

Another easier option is Mesh-style router. You have to locate one node wherever your gateway is, and subsequent node will be placed in different room in your home. Now you have a strong Wi-Fi signal everywhere in your home.

Configuration of Wireless Router with Gateway

If you have an Integrated Router, You’ll need to configure the Gateway to disable the router and pass the WAN IP address through to new router. Now enter your IP address to web browser to access the gateway’s configuration window.

configuration of wireless router

Configuring your device to work with router, you have to logging into the gateway, navigate to the firewall menu and set it to the Passthrough Mode. Now set the Passthrough mode to “DHCPS-fixed” and provide MAC Address of your router. Get the router by availing loans from

Connect your Router

You have already configure gateway with router. Now connect it and get online. Just Follow this steps to connect your new router:

  1. Turn off your Modem.
  2. Unplug the Ethernet cable of modem from PC.
  3. Connect that cable to WAN or internet port on your new router.
  4. Power on your modem.
  5. Then Start your router.
  6. Next to use another Ethernet cable to connect the PC to your router’s LAN port and
  7. Now Turn on your PC.

If you have Company provided Modem then you have to just follow the above steps only. Otherwise you have to configure modem and then follow this above steps.

Changed the Admin Password

The very first thing you should to do is changed the default password. The default password can leave your router exposed to everyone. The Next thing you should to do is make sure your router is running the latest firmware. Check your documentation for more details.

Now-a-days, Many Internet providers provides Smartphone App for configuring their routers. But if you want to prefer router’s browser-based user interface then connect your router with PC using an Ethernet cable. Type the router’s IP Address to URL and press Enter. IP Address of router printed by itself on the router.

To change Admin login and password, you’ll need the router’s admin login & password. Enter the required credentials and press Enter. In case you have forgotten your password, you will need to perform hardware reset.

Change your Wi-Fi password

Some Routers have pre-assigned Wi-Fi Password. But for a change, be sure to configure the router to use at least WAP2 encryption. The process of setting Wi-Fi password is different for different routers. For Example, On the Linksys router, settings reside in connectivity and wireless tabs. If you have dual band router you need to assign password for both 2.4GHz and 5GHz Network. If you are using one or more guest session then you need to set passwords for those as well.



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