It’s confusing moment when your device is connected to the WiFi but it shows No Internet Access. In that case you have to find out where the problem is – in your laptop or Router? So try the following steps to solving your issue.No Internet Access

No Internet Access? Check for Device

There is two possibilities with your network issue:-

  1. Your Device
  2. Router

The first thing you should to check is your device is working with Wi-Fi or not. Check Wi-Fi with smart phone or tablet. Is it working properly then problem is with your Router or device’s Wi-Fi Adaptor. Also look for the ADSL cable to see if it’s broken or twisted.

  1. Restart your devices

It is too irritated to restarting your device. But maybe it will helps you. Turn off both Router and modem and then wait for 30 seconds before restart the devices. Also restart your PC. Once all devices get reset, check for connectivity.

  1. Check Light of Modem is active?

Check the internet light on router and ensures that it is working or light flickering many times. May be DSL light is On but Wi-Fi indicator light may blinking. Still, if you are not sure then you may contact to your customer care and ensures how the problem is actually.

  1. Use Troubleshooter

If your Internet is working from ISP side then issue is with your Wi-Fi adaptor. It can be easily solve with built-in Windows or Mac troubleshooter program.


For that, Right Click to the Network Icon in taskbar and select the option Troubleshoot problems. Windows will automatically troubleshoot it and fix the problem. If it can’t fix, it will shows what the problem is and you cans search for the solution online. Same method will apply for Mac OS.

  1. Reset your Router

You can set it by pressing Physical reset button on router.Press the button and hold for 5-10 seconds. You should be able to connect to the internet.

  1. Rest your Network

For reset the network, Click on Start button and type Network Reset. It will open warning about what will happen. Click to Reset Now button and then restart your PC.

  1. Problem in DNS Cache

Sometimes Conflicts in DNS Cache can occurs this network issue. You should to ensure that is it really issue of DNS Cache or not.

For that In Windows start menu, type cmd and open command prompt as an administrator. When it open up, type ipconfig/flushdns and hit enter. It will clear all DNS Cache.

  1. Change Wireless Mode

If your internet is working in desktop via Ethernet cable but it is not working with Wi-Fi, then chances of problem are in communication barriers.

Normally the Wireless mode is set to 802.11 b/g/n/ which works fine for all users. But sometimes old devices are not compatible with it so it creates the network issue.

For Fixing it :-

  • From your computer, Login to Router dashboard.
  • It will shows option for Wireless Mode.
  • From drop-down menu select option 11 b and save your changes.
  • Restart your Wi-Fi.
  • Still it’s not working then select option 802.11g. 
  1. Obtain IP and DNS

If you are accessing the other Wi-Fi network then problem is with DNS or IP address conflicts. You should to set network settings to automatically obtain IP Address and DNS provided by service provider.

Follow some basic steps:

  • Open Network connections from control panel. It will shows your all network.
  • Right click on your network and click to propertiesNetwork-properties
  • Click to Internet Protocol version4 and Click to properties below it.IP-address
  • From the Next dialogue box, select both Obtain an IP Address automatically and Obtain DNS server address automatically. Then click Ok.

Now you should connect automatically.

  1. Try For Network Drivers Issue

Sometimes old drivers or corrupted drivers can issue No internet. To fix this problem go to run and enter devmgmt.msc to open device manager. By expanding Network adaptors right click on your network and select Update driver software. Now you have two options : Manually and Automatically. Try to connect PC with Router using Ethernet cable. If it connected, Click to search automatically for updated driver software. Then windows will find it and istall the right driver.

In case it can’t connect then manually download the latest driver and move it your PC. Now use Browse my computer for driver software to manually install the drivers. Checkout loanvy co for more details.


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