A Cyber Crime, We all know how it affects our day-to-day life. Everyone wants to protect their selves against cybercrime because of the increased use of technology, the ways we can be targeted are also increasing. All cyber criminals want mostly one – credit card data. Be careful about your online actions, don’t make payments on suspicious sites. If you’re a business owner choose the right identity verification methods – you might choose to do KYC via video chat for extra layer of security. So, we are here with some guidelines that will surely help you to protect yourself from cybercriminals.

We live in a world where a significant chunk of our lives exists on the cyberspace it may be something as engagement on social media with family tweets, which almost not secured. As up to half Mobile Users do not take security measures to secure their device from hacking. Also, they keep both official and personal files on their phones, as a result, it will lead them to data theft.

cyber crime awareness

Basic Things you can do:

There are many simple ways that you can do to prevent yourself from various Trojans and malware. Some basics to keep in mind:

  • Avoid online chatting with unknown person
  • Do research on online sellers before starting the business with them
  • Being wary of unsolicited data and emails
  • Avoid Picture upload on Social Platforms

With these basic tricks, you can avoid becoming the next victim of cyber crime. Also, there is a need to keep watch on children using the internet and engaging with Social media. They have to advise children to avoid unknown invitations from social platforms and downloading unknown file links without explicit permissions.


The Source of transmitting malware is not just the web, but hackers also thrive through Social networks, Target browsers, and their add-on applications. From where the smallest security vulnerabilities are overlooked security patches are exploited. Hackers will simply move on when weaknesses are discovered and fixed.

Things you should keep in Mind

  1. Antivirus Software

It is obvious that everybody wants to keep their devices secure by installing the best antivirus. But we also know that all are not providing the best security as they claim. Before paying for an antivirus license think twice. All paid software may or may not give their best to keep your system safe. Instead, it better to use antivirus which Microsoft provides for free is a good option.

  1. Secure your online accounts

The most important thing is to keep your password safe and secure from hackers. Passwords are the digital key to our Social network as well as for business. The most important two passwords are those for your email and Social network accounts or else invisible man pokie will get them. Checkout knightfinance uk for more details.

Here are some key points for a secure password:

  1. Use Two Factor Authentication
  2. Do use a combination of Uppercase, Lowercase, Numbers, and Symbols.
  3. Keep multiple passwords for all accounts.
  4. Make sure your passwords are at least 8 characters long.
  5. Do change your passwords regularly.


  1. Encryption

Now it’s time to learn something new which can help to protect yourself against the cyber crime. Encryption makes the data access locked behind a key or password which is usually hidden in an algorithm. So, will take a long time for hackers to crack a password without any hint or the actual key.

  1. Online Safety

Online safety is the most important thing you must care about. Advertisements which displays on the websites or social platforms are a cheesy thing for people trying to make living off the internet. Most of the sites use the third-party company with the earning hopes. But still, most of them get away with getting you to click on the ad that starts using your computer as anything from a node on the internet for hiding their real identity to a bot to cause DDOS attacks.

  1. Mobile Protection

A well-known mobile scam is an SMS – Phishing. In this, messages arrive from unknown numbers urging you to reply to a number or a click to the link and open it in your browser which will more likely insert malware into your phone.

Vishing is Voice-Phishing. It has a human element. A scammer pretending to be from your bank asks for your account details and PIN number. Even without the physical element, simple voice phishing for login details is common. So, be aware of this fake call or SMS.

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